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About us

Professional Business Pakistan (PBP) Background:

We at PBP Computers take excellence as our motto, all of our business ambitions are aimed at providing a stand-out business performance to our customers and thus PBP is a reliable name in the printing and imaging industry. This is why PBP was awarded with the ‘best managed partner south’ in 2009 by HP. PBP is a technically sound and knowledge-centric organization. We are well aware of the advantages and limitations of each product and brand in our industry, and thus we take the best products and work on them to serve our customers. This is the approach that guided PBP to take PaperOne from virtually no market share to become a market leader in Pakistan. Impressed by these logistics and financial abilities, PBP was approached by Samsung to work as distributor for its IT products, and after careful analysis by our team, we took growth oriented Samsung products. Thus PBP has a rich history of working only with the quality and reliable products, this is because we want to serve our customers in the best possible manner, and with the help of our customers and suppliers we will be able to continue to do this in the times to come.

Our Mission:

PBP’s mission is to provide the customers with the most innovative and quality IT solutions. we do this by keeping our organization up to date with latest trends and ideas and then serve our customers by improvising upon these ideas.

Our Vision:

We believe that it is our responsibility to provide our clients with a hassle-free make printing, imaging and IT experience. let it be through providing them with better products, services or by improvising upon the already available technology. We want our impact felt in the business environment in which our clients operate. We strive to source the very best products in the most economical way. We understand that leading brands overcharge the local market and exploit their positions. We aim to check that and make sure that our customers get the most competitive products.

Our Core Values:

• We are committed to deliver the latest imaging technology to our customers.
• Our relationship with our customers is the most important asset for us.
• We make sure that our presence is felt in the market in terms of value for the customer.
• We want to deliver one stop solution to all Imaging and Printing needs of our customer.
• We want to deliver affordable quality.